Jordan Sebring

Sheriff of Las Vegas


Quote: “No, no I’ll clean up the little mess you just made of the Masquerade, you go hit something. That is what you simians do with one another, no?”

Name: Jordan Sebring
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Las Vegas: A Tale of Two Princes
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Autocrat
Concept: Elder Out to Prove His Loyalty
Clan: Lasombra Anti Tribu
Generation: 8th
Sire: Tulley

Apparent Age: Late 20’s
Date of Birth: may 1822
RiP: 1851
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 6’2’
Weight: 200
Sex: Male


Jordan Sebring was born into nobility and told that he was to follow in the tradition of the family and place himself into a leadership role. From an early age he was taught to keep his eye on the prize and allow nothing and nobody to get in his way. By the time he was 21, he had graduated Harvard with a degree in letters and jurisprudence. With family connections, Jordan secured a position within the senatorial offices, and worked as an aid for a senator running for office.

Being in the fore front of the early American political process it was easy to learn about the extra marital affairs, graft, corruption and shady backroom deals. Using that as political leverage he had his candidate, and his candidate’s agenda furthered.
Then late one night upon returning home, Jordan was confronted by a strange man and several of his associates. It turned out that the man and the associates worked for his candidate’s opponent and he said that they had been watching Jordan for some time. He explained that Jordan’s determination to win had been the final selling point for them. Jordan was brought aboard first as a ghoul and worked against his former employer. It helped that he had intimate knowledge of his secrets, affairs, and acts of corruption as well.

After ten years of faultless service he was Embraced as a Lasombra in 1876- a member of the Sabbat Jordan witnessed some heinous shit in his short tenure with them, and even participated in some of it, but in his core he never felt right about it. When he had the opportunity, he escaped the Sabbat and fled to the Camarilla.

From that time forward, Jordan has had to prove himself time and time again as loyal to the Camarilla. After more than a century, the Camarilla are beginning to believe him, and his reputation has proceeded him. He was made Sheriff of Las Vegas and permitted to create a childe. Benedic has known Jordan for many years, and appointed him to the position, along with the boon of progeny for his dedicated service.

As a Lasombra Jordan believes that he is better than everyone else around him and he has no problem reminding them of such. He resides within a strictly Camarilla city and enjoys nothing more than taking down the Sabbat, or a filthy Caitiff or disorderly Anarchs, and he is very much respected and revered for it. He is a strict adherent of the Traditions-stricter than most even when it comes to enforcing the Traditions.

Jordan Sebring is tall dark and handsome-devastatingly handsome some would say. He wears fine three piece suits, or black turtleneck and military cargo pants while in the field. He usually wears a grim expression except with his childe whom he has a decided weakness for-then his expression is one of an adoring daddy.

Jordan has an air of superiority around him at all times that threatens some and angers others, but he simply does not care about that or them. In his eyes they are simply the Prince’s vassals whom he must protect from enemies within and without and most often from themselves. If any dare get in his way, he’ll arrange for them to have a blood hunt called or arrange for them to simply disappear.

Equipment: Sawed off Shotgun, Leather Trench coat, .50 Caliber Desert Eagle, Broad Sword, 3 Stakes, Black Accura, Ultra Expensive Italian 3 piece suits, Field Clothes, The Palazzio

Jordan Sebring

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